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Worst Ad of 2008?

Many people think the issue of immigration faded to the background in the 2008 campaign.

Our new report shows this just isn't true. Over $27 million was spent on campaign advertising on immigration, and many of the ads were outright nasty.

Share our report on immigration ads' role in the 2008 election with your friends and celebrate the failure of immigration as a wedge issue in this election.

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Vote on the worst immigration ads of 2008

Hi there,

I just voted on the Worst Immigration Ad of 2008 over at America's Voice - the new campaign to win real immigration reform. Check it out:

They've got a pretty exciting report up about the use of immigration advertising in the 2008 campaign. While many people thought that immigration wasn't talked about much in this election, their numbers show otherwise. Politicians spent over $27 million talking about it!

The thing is- most of the ads were downright nasty, and most of the candidates lost. Take a moment to read the report and then vote on the Worst Immigration Ad of 2008:

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Thanks for spreading the word!