CALL and Help PASS the Dream and Promise Act!

The Dream and Promise Act is getting a vote! 

The House Judiciary Committee just passed the Dream and Promise Act, and the bill's next step is a full vote on the House floor. The bill is one of the most significant pieces of pro-immigrant legislation to be considered in years. 

It would create a path to legalization and citizenship for Dreamers and immigrant youth. It would protect those who have temporary protected status (TPS) and prevent them from being deported to war-torn countries. It would recognize the contributions of immigrants who have lived in the U.S. for years and decades, and give them the permanent status that they've earned. 

Tell your House Representative to support the Dream and Promise Act! If we're able to pass the bill, we'll be that much closer to legalization and citizenship for millions of immigrants who have contributed so much to our country. 

Please call your House member TODAY.

Dream & Promise Act