Ask Mercedes Benz to take action on HB 56 in Three Easy Steps

Ask Mercedes Benz to take action on HB 56 in Three Easy Steps

Mercedes has the political power to push Alabama for a repeal of HB 56. Please help us ask them to take a stand.

Hyundai, Take a Stand in Alabama

Auto companies like Hyundai have serious influence in Alabama. If Hyundai were to turn against destructive laws like HB 56—which has split up immigrant families and cost the state millions in economic output—Alabama’s legislature would seriously reconsider the law.

Put the Brakes on Hate

Hyundai and Honda have the power to change history when it comes to Alabama’s anti-immigrant law, HB 56. Auto manufacturing is one of the most important industries in Alabama; lawmakers would scramble to repeal the law if car companies were to really put their foot down about it. Help us tell Hyundai and Honda to put the brakes on hate.

Share These Videos: “Is This Alabama?” Series from Chris Weitz

Oscar-nominated director Chris Weitz releases a collection of four short videos documenting the reality of life under Alabama’s HB 56.

Keep the DREAM Act Intact

The DREAM Act cannot be cut up and divided. There is only ONE DREAM Act and it’s a common sense piece of legislation. The only politicians we know that want to veto or change it are anti-immigrant.

Repeal HB 56

Undocumented immigrants in Alabama no longer have access to courts, contracts, or police protection. But according to the creators of the legislation, the bill is working as planned.  It’s time we take stand. Tell lawmakers in Alabama to repeal HB 56.

Shame on You, Alabama

Alabama has recently begun implementing a law designed to kick Latinos and immigrants out of the state. If you thought Arizona was bad, Alabama is worse. This is Arizona on steroids.

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